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1 Home v Partick & Kilmarnock 2-4:8:83.j
2 Home v East Stirling ShC 8:8:83.jpeg
Away v
 Stirshire Cup
No  Programme Issued 
3 Home v Cowdenbeath LC 15:8:83.jpeg
Away v
 League Cup
No  Programme Issued 
34 Away v East Stirling 20:8:83.jpeg
4 Home v Dundee Utd Fr 22:8:83.jpeg
5 Home v Rangers & Celtic XIs 27-29:8:83
Away v
No  Programme Issued 
6 Home v Arbroath 10:9:83.jpeg
35 Away v Stranraer 14:9:83.jpeg
7 Home v Queens Park 17:9:83.jpeg
8 Home v Dunfermline 24:9:83.jpeg
36 Away v Cowdenbeath 28:9:83.jpeg
37 Away v Albion Rovers 1:10:83.jpeg
9 Home v Berwick 8:10:83.jpeg
10 Home v St Johnstone Fr 11:10:83.jpeg
38 Away v East Fife 15:10:83.jpeg
11 Home v QOS 22:10:83.jpeg
12 Home v Scottish Police Fr
13 Home v Dundee Youth 24:10:83.jpeg
14 Home v Montrose 29:10:83.jpeg
39 Away v Forfar 5:11:83.jpeg
15 Home v Stranraer 12:11:83.jpeg
40 Away v Queens Park 19:11:83.jpeg
41 Away v Berwick 26:11:83.jpeg
16 Home v Albion Rovers 3:12:83.jpeg
17 Home v Cowdenbeath 17:12:83.jpeg
42 Away v Dunfermline 26:12:83.jpeg
18 Home v Stenhousemuir 31:12:83.jpeg
19 Home v East Stirling 2:1:84 aband.jpe
43 Away v Arbroath SC 7:1:84.jpeg
44 Away v QOS 14:1:84 posp.jpeg
20 Home v East Fife 21:1:84 posp.jpeg
21 Home v Forfar 4:2:84 posp.jpeg
22 Home v Arbroath SC 11:1:84.jpeg
Away v
 Scottish Cup
No  Programme Issued 
45 Away v Caledonian SC 11:2:84.jpeg
23 Home v Caedonian SC 15:2:84.jpeg
Game did not take place
46 Away v Cowdenbeath 18:2:84.jpeg
24 Home v East Stirling.jpeg
25 Home v Berwick 25:2:84.jpeg
47 Away v QOS 29:2:84.jpeg
26 Home v Stenhousemuir 3:3:84.jpeg
27 Home v East Fife 6:3:84.jpeg
Away v
Albion Rovers
No  Programme Issued 
48 Away v Montrose 14:3:84.jpeg
28 Home v Dunfermline 17:3:84.jpeg
Away v
No  Programme Issued 
49 Away v East Fife 24:3:84.jpeg
29 Home v Forfar 27:3:84.jpeg
30 Home v Stranraer 31:3:84.jpeg
50 Away v East Stirling 7:4:84.jpeg
31 Home v Forfar 14:4:84.jpeg
51 Away v Montrose 21:4:84.jpeg
52 Away v Queens Park 28:4:84.jpeg
32 Home v Arbroath 5:5:84.jpeg
33 Home v QOS 12:5:84.jpeg
Away v
Alloa Athletic
 Stirshire cup
No  Programme Issued 
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